The quick history...

Not only did James Naismith invent basketball in 1891 but he inadvertently aided in the invention of netball...  In 1895 Naismith sent a copy of his basketball rules to a sports teacher in New Orleans, Clara Baer. 

Baer interpreted Naismith's drawings of the court and players as meaning that players could not leave certain areas.  Baer's interpretation of the game became Women's basketball in 1899.

Women's basketball was taken to Britain and the empire where the game transformed into a passing no dribbling game called Netball.

* Netball was first played in England in 1895.

* The first World Championship tournament was held in Eastbourne, England, 1963.

* In 1995 Netball became a recognized Olympic sport.

* Netball was included in the Commonwealth Games program in Kulala Lumpur, 1998.

To learn more about the history of Netball visit the International Federation of Netball website...

Future - Netball is catching...

Netball is not just a sport for many... it is a passion.  For many women around the world it is empowering, a chance to be active and the opportunity to play a team sport.  Worldwide, over 20 million people are playing netball.  Many schools throughout the world have Netball as part of physical education curriculum  teaching children important skills including ball work, communication and teamwork just to name a few.

Netball is gaining momentum in the USA.  Not too long ago the USA was ranked 46th in the world... thanks to an outstanding effort by the USA team (and numerous volunteers and sponsors) at the World Championships in Jamaica, 2003 the USA is now ranked 9th in the World.  The USA hosted the Under 21 World Youth Championships in 2005 - quite a feat for the USA.

Netball is not currently in the Olympics program.  Netballers around the world are campaigning to see that Netball gets it should be.  However, in the meantime, the World Netball Championships 2007 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand in November of this year.  Leading up the Championships is the Tri Series between Australia, New Zealand in England.  The Tri Series will be held in May 2007 in England.

Netball - a team sport


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